Supply of any kind of PCB with critical characteristics in short time:

Large number of layers, up to 70

Up to 7.50 mm thickness

Blind and buried microvias made with laser or mech. drilling

Tracks and gaps up to 35 um by LDI technology

Filling and flatness of blind holes for BGA with small pitch

Special materials for high frequency (HI-TG, ROGER, NELCO,….)

High-temperature materials (POLYIMIDE, MEGTRON 6)

Aluminum bases for LIGHTING and POWER

Heavy copper thickness up to 350 um

Flexible and rigid-flexible

Small pitch (0.5 mm) PCB edge plated contacts for micromodules

Special HARD GOLD finishing with electrolytic nickel/gold high thickness for sliding and pogo pins reliable and durable contact

The continue new technical requirements of our customers, allow us to continue improve our competences by research and development of innovative solutions.

Made in Italy

Mechatronyx was born in 2001 as a consultancy company for high complexity PCB design. Mechatronyx is an Italian company leader in Europe in boards design and manufacturing, specialized in prototyping and small series production.


The high level of our technicians know how, combined with new generation of high performance equipments installed and the strategic collaboration with high technology suppliers, allow to our company to provide high reliability products with very fast delivery time and excellent service.


Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard The main objective of MECHATRONYX SRL is the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the Customer and of the other Interested Parties and to achieve and maintain a high quality standard of the products and services offered.