boards testing

1. Flying Probe Test System:

SPEA 4060S2:

Large test area 686 x 610 mm

Min. package dim. 01005 /Min. pitch 100um

N° 6 flying probes (4 top / 2 bottom)

Soft touch probing

No specific test points pads required

High accuracy on precision components measurement

High sensitivity for leakage current test with a min. value of 2.5 nA

Detailed control of individual components by microscopes with high magnification

Integrated AOI systems by high resolution cameras

Functional and power consumption test

Microprocessors firmware flashing by OBP integrate systems.

Dual BMU 9 pins bed of nails mounted two independent axis.

boards testing

2. High-end Hybrid AOI System 3D optical inspection:

Large board capability: max size 660 x 560 mm

Resolution: Optical light (RGB) & infrared light: 12 μm / 7 μm (selectable)

Improved Inspection Capacity/performance for Extremely Small-sized Components Including 0201

Increased Specular Component Inspection Performance

Four colours (white, blue, red and yellow) LED light sources for welds analisys

Intelli-Beam laser system with 15 um / point resolution for BGA planarity checking

Automatic detect of any assembly error and/or defective welds

3D inspection by Moire projectors and angular inspection by 4 directions side camera

Height and sloped surface 3D inspection components for detection of extra components or contamination as solder ball black material