boards prototyping

boards prototyping

SMD Assembly:

N.2 P&P full automatic machine

Large board size up to 740 x 580 mm, thickness 7 mm

Discrete components with dim. min: 0201

BGA / QFN with a minimum pitch of 0.4 mm

Up to 120 item can be charged simultaneously

Placement rate of more than 5000 comp/hour

Automatic valve for solder paste and glue dispensing

High precision assembly +/-50 um, by dual cameras (on the fly + cockpit)

Software for direct import of CAD, CAM, ASCII and ODB++

Very easy and fast programming to reduce setup costs

Vapour phase soldering:

Max soldering temperature 220° C

Uniform and contemporary heating on each point of the board even in PCB with high thickness

Thermal stress of components reduced to the minimum

Prevent the formation of cold joints in particular on BGA

Process and timing of soldering are controlled by microprocessor to eliminate any human error