boards production

1. SMD Assembly:

Yamaha ZLEX YSM20W line:

Large PCB size up to 810 x 742 mm

High-speed HM-head (10 nozzles) + Flexible multi-propose FM head (5 nozzles)

High comp place rate: up to 50K comp/hour

Large comp size: up to 55x100 mm

High precision assembly +/-25 um/3 sigma

Discrete comp min dimension: 01005/03015

BGA /QFN with min pitch of 0.25 mm

Up to 280 items can be charged simultaneously

Boards weight up to 10Kg

Components height up to 28mm

boards production

2. Solder paste silk screnning:

Yamaha line:

High speed printing: 8 seconds plus the print stroke time, generally 13,5 seconds for M-Size Board

High precision and repetability positioning with +/-10 um/6 sigma

Stencil clamping enhanced by vacuum ensures rock-solid stability for consistent high accuracy printing stencil droop and drastically cut of setup time

Single Swing Squeegee 3S head automatically adjusts squeegee angle, pressure and speed to optimize settings for best print results with selected solder-past type and volume

Avanced cleaning system able to autodeterminate the frequency and best methode of cleaning

High performance solder inspection by 2D SPI integrated system with dedicated
large FOV camera for 100% solder past inspection

Remaining solder quantity detection function periodically measures the solder
past-roll width during squeegee excursion

boards production

3. THD Selective welding:

SEHO Select line:

Fluxing Process with Maximum and dynamic Precision

Stand-alone or inline operation

100 % Process Control process control from A like AOI to Z like Z height.

remarkably longer lifetime of the solder nozzles, up to several months

Dual soldering pot with sinchro mode fore higt speed solder capacity